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You love to travel and read books.
You love movies from foreign films to romantic comedies.
You, like me, have a little crush on Ira Glass.
You like to laugh more than anything else.
You want to see your family as they are and not an
idealized version of them.
You yell at the radio in the car when you disagree
with the person speaking.
You are passionate about life, your community and your family.
You want to freeze this moment in time so you never forget.



I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, two sons and two dogs.
I am originally from San Francisco.
I love strong coffee, good books and laughing so hard I start to snort.
I bring my camera everywhere I go.
I like to cook and then take pictures of what I have made.
I love to go to Manhattan and walk for hours just watching people.
My favorite thing about my husband Josh is that he makes me laugh.
I take photographs because I want to capture people and
their relationships with each other.
I want you to have fun when I take your photograph.
I believe in memory, nostalgia, family and that life is messy.

photo of me and my oldest son by Yan Photography