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Letters from an Insomniac #1

I have been a bit lost with this blog lately. I have been unable to decide what I want it to be. It started as a personal blog and it slowly became one where I only posted photos. Now I want it to be something else, but I do not know what. I miss writing, which surprises me because I did not realize I even liked to write that much.

I have had insomnia for the past two months. At first it was a novelty and I enjoyed getting stuff done and feeling like the only person awake. I started walking the dogs in the middle of the night and decked us out with lights and reflectors. It is peaceful and uneasy at the same time to be on the dark streets. But after two months it has gotten a bit old and I am just plain tired.

I suspect it is the beginning of menopause that is causing the sleeplessness. Not to mention the extreme moodiness. I really do not know much about menopause. No one seems to talk about it, which is no big surprise since the end of a woman’s fertility seems like it would be a topic that the 18-34 generation could care less about. And that seems to be the generation society cares about most.

So I sit here at 3:45 in the morning, about to walk the dogs and then head to the gym for the 5:30am class. It all feels so topsy-turvy.

David and Burke Got Married | Austin Wedding Photographer

I am finally posting David and Burke’s beautiful Hill Country wedding images. In two months they will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Congratulations to them both.


It Takes a Village:
Venue: Red Corral Ranch
Wedding Planner: Wedding Warriors
Catering: Royal Fig Catering
Cakes and Pies: Tiny Pies
Florist: Wow Factor
Hair and Makeup: Margo Mead Styling
Live Music: Lost Pines Band
DJ: Altared Weddings
Second Shooter: Ilana Panich-Linsman