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Passover Seder

We had a wonderful Seder at Tal and Jenna’s during Passover last week. It was especially miraculous for two reasons. One was that Jenna was barely over the stomach flu and she still managed to cook a feast. I did not, however, share any photos of her in this post because I took pity on the poor sick woman for a change. The second miracle was that one of the answers to the Passover question, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” should have been, “The children not only let me take their photograph, but they actually had fun with it and even practiced their photo bombing skills.” Even Tal got in on the act. So stay tuned for the silly shots towards the end of this post.

Tal said that Passover is one of his favorite holidays. Here is where I have to admit that it is one of my least favorites. First of all, I hate having to wait to eat. This is where I am like the little kids. And I hate having to get the kids to control themselves (sit still; be quiet; stop complaining) while we read the Haggadah. I even bought the Nathan Englander/Jonathan Safran Foer version one year thinking that would improve my lot—it did not. Luckily Jenna took pity on us all and bought the one called “30 Minute Seder”. It still felt like forever to me. My hope is that it will get easier as the kids get older. And there is a little too much God talk for my liking, but what do you expect from an atheist shiksa? I once heard Jewish holidays explained succinctly to me this way, “They tried to kill us, we survived, now let’s eat and drink”. Now THAT is a holiday philosophy I can get behind.