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Frank and Vanessa Got Married | Getting Ready | Austin Wedding Photographer

There are so many photos from this wedding I like that I am going to blog them in sections. Vanessa is my husband Josh’s cousin (technically his first cousin once removed) and she and Frank got married at Vanessa’s Uncle Paul and Aunt Lois’ (Lois is Josh’s first cousin) new house near Hudson, New York.

I have always really liked Vanessa, although because of geographical distance I have not been able to spend as much time with her as I would like. We have lived on opposite coasts—when she was on the East coast we were on the West and she returned to the West coast, but only after we moved to Austin. Vanessa visited us about a year after we moved here, which was lovely. But this was the very first time I got to meet Frank and he is as wonderful as I knew he would have had to be to win Vanessa’s heart. Frank is an accomplished illustrator and painter who is currently in the graduate painting department at UCLA.