Tom and Tania | Austin Couples Photographer

This was not an engagement shoot. This was a 'just because we love each other' shoot. And I was thrilled. So many people only have their photographs taken when they get married and I wish they did it more often. I loved meeting Tom and Tania. They are such warm, generous people and their love for each other is palpable. And Tania has one of those faces I love. It is the kind of face where you feel like you can see all of her ancestors if you look hard enough. We did the shoot a few weeks before Tania ran her first Boston marathon. For those of you who are not versed in marathons, you have to run fast enough to qualify for Boston and it is very hard to do. Tania wanted some shots of them running, so even though I am no sports photographer, I took a stab at it. But my favorite part of this tale is still to come—I received an email from Tania recently and these two are now engaged to be married this Fall. I take all the credit ; )